10 Lake Como Cities & Their Homes and Villas to Rent & Sell

Lake Como is one of the most famous Italian Lakes destinations and highly popular among tourists. It offers a wide array of picturesque landscape and tourist attractions. Moreover, it is also highly regarded as a place to own a luxurious villa.

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Some of the top most cities close to Lake Como and their villas up for sale or rent are as follows:

1. Como

Como city is situated at the southern tip of the south-west arm of Lake Como. It proximity to Lake Como and the adjoining Alps has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations. The city houses some of the most breathtaking works of art, churches, gardens, museums, theatres, parks and palaces.

lake como villas

There are several villas for sale in Lake City. Some of these pristine villas include Villa Diva, which is settled into a unique front lake position environment with landscape garden surrounded by nature. Then there is this Villa Comacina, built in 1980 having an amazing view of Lake Como. Villa Panorama that was built is the 60s also offers a stunning lake view towards Como. Casina la Torre was originally built around the end of the XVI century in the hilly countryside just outside the city of Como.

Nestled in the beeping heart of Como city, at the doors of the Cathedral and within the ancient roman walls is Villa Rovella. Colonial Villa in Lake Como is dated end XVIII century and is situated few minutes from the lake.

There are also several villas available for rent like Villa Voltiana. It is one of the most unique and historic Luxury Villas around Lake Como. Other famous villas include Villa la Gallietta, Villa DozioTavernola, and Villa Olmo.

2. Bellagio, Lombardy

It is located on Lake Como, at an intersection where the arms of the lake form an inverted Y.  The cape of the land mass that divides Lake Como in two with the Como arm of the lake lying to its south-west and the Lecco arm of the lake to its south-east. There are several old patrician houses, each surrounded by parks and gardens of trees in Bellagio. Some of the villas for sale in Bellagio include Villa Liberty, a Lakefront jewel nestled on Varenna lakeshore, which appeals to the homebuyers for its unique front lake position and historical character. Villa flora, which has an immaculate boathouse on the lakeside along with two wide, terraces for relaxing. Villa Isola is a charming countryside home with garden and lake view in Tremezzina.

bellagio lombardy lake como villa

Apart from these villas for sale, there are several villas, which can be rented. These include Villa Sunshine, the Waterfront Villa spread over three floors facing the lake enjoys a sunny location with a pool. Villa Sofia, a prestigious historical villa located on the shores of Lake Como just a few minutes’ drive from Bellagio. Villa Melzi is also a famous villa situated in Bellagio.

3. Varenna

Varenna is located on Lake Como in the Italian region Lombardy. There are some of the most elegant Villa and homes available for sale in this serene locality. Villa sunset located on the east coast of Lake Como offers many facilities, nice restaurants, and sports besides a fantastic sunset in winter and summer. Some other famous villas situated in Varenna include Villa Cipressi, Villa Capuana, and Villa Monastero.

varenna lake como villa

4. Menaggio

menaggio lake como villa

Menaggio is a town in Lombardy, northern Italy, located on the western shore of Lake Como at the mouth of the river Senagra. The place has several recreational resorts where tourists often come in the summer. There is a host of options for those looking to a buy a home in the form of the villa. There is Villa Berta, which is one of the most beautiful, popular and sophisticated resort areas. On the other hand, Villa Voile offers an unobstructed view of the lake surrounded by a wide green area. Villa Azalee is a newly built picturesque villa nestled on the lakefront plot providing highest finishing standards. Villa Plesio offers an unimaginable view towards Bellagio and includes everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

5. Lenno

Lenno in the Italian region Lombardy is located just 20 kilometers northeast of Como. It is known for its picturesque villas and serene environment. The villas for sale and rent include Villa Luce, a prestigious waterfront mansion that has been renovated from scratch to create a unique personality of the property. It offers one of the most picturesque sights of the area. Another villa available for sale includes Villa Incanto, offering stunning views and located on a large flat land and walking distance from the lake.

lenno lake como villa

There are also several villas available for rent which include Villa Aurelia that has been completely renovated, a private mansion called Villa La Cassinella in a secluded and discreet location reachable by boat or helicopter and Villa I Platani, one of the most prestigious waterfront Villas, elegantly furnished with a blend of antiques and modern appliances. Lenno also houses several other historical villas like Villa Balbianello.

6. Cernobbio

cernobbio lake como villa

Cernobbio is located in Lombardy, northern Italy, and borders with Switzerland. It is famous for the Monte Bisbino, one of the highest peak standing at 1,325 m. There are two villas available for sale in Cernobbio. Villa Orchideo is situated in a quiet residential area at a short walking distance from the main square, where several bar, restaurants, and main shops are located. Villa Magnolia, famous for its luxurious Italian design is a few minutes from the center of Como. It was built in the early twentieth century. Other historical villas include Villa Allamel.

7. Torno, Lombardy

torno lombardy lake como villa

Torno in the Italian region Lombardy is located about 5 kilometres northeast of Como.It is famous for churches and several luxurious villas and homes available for sale and rent. Villa Monastero, available for rent and sale is a luxurious villa dating back to 1300 nestled on the western bank of Lake Como. The property also houses a second building, which can act as a guesthouse. Other historical villas include Villa Mia, Villa Taverna, and Villa Pliniana.

8. Brienno

brienno lake como villa

Brienno in the local variety of Western Lombard is located about 10 kilometers northeast of Como. It sits prettily at the water edge on Lake Como. Some of the villas situated in Brienno available for sale are Villa Cemelia and Villa Primavera. The former has a beautiful lakefront view of Lake Como as well as a charming Veranda while the latter is situated in a panoramic position facing Comacina Island and looking toward Como. Other Villas for sale as well as rent include Villa Argenta. A Lakefront jewel nestled on Brienno lakeshore.

9. Tremezzo

It is located on the western shore of Lake Como, best known for its tourist’s resorts, villas, and much-admired gardens. It houses some of the most luxurious villas available for rent as well as sale.

tremezzo lake como villa

Villa Rogaro is a newly built Villa nestled in a panoramic position in Tremezzo. The villa available for rent has an 180-degree fabulous lake view towards Bellagio. Another Villa available for rent is Villa Riviera situated on the lakeshore of Lake Como. It is one of the most prestigious villas with contemporary-classical chic bedrooms. Other historical villas in Tremezzo include Vila Carlia.

10. Moltrasio

Located on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, Montrasio is a favorite summer destination for many celebrities. It is easy to reach and close to several major destinations offering so of the ecstatic views of the lake. Villa Soave is an exceptional historical villa available for rent. It is situated on Lake Como and is one of the largest private villas on the lake. Other historical villas include Villa Passalacqua and Villa Fontanella.

moltrasio lake como villa

All the above-mentioned villas offer a pristine view of Lake Como and host of creature comforts. Looking to own a place in this heaven and experience the exquisite as well as tranquil surroundings. Check out these villas on sale or rent.

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