Why November-December is Great Time to Visit The Lake Como Region

Ranked as one of the five best places to retire, Lake Como has always been at the top of everyone’s list – be it buyers, renters, or even visitors. It is located in the Lombardy region in north Italy and is the third largest lake in the country. Throughout the year, this lake has a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny summers and pleasant winters; which is another reason behind the popularity of this place.

Although people prefer to visit this place throughout the year, November is often said to be one of the best months to visit and experience this place. November marks the end of the autumn in Lake Como region and this is the time when the temperature begins to drop. The maximum temperature during this period hovers at 11 C, averaging around 8 C.

Why November-December Is a Great Time to Visit the Lake Como Region

If you are looking for a winter getaway into the lap of nature, visiting Lake Como during November might be a good option. The place allows travelers a more peaceful and relaxing holiday. Let’s find out what Lake Como has to offer to visitors during the month of November.

Place to visit Around Lake Como

There are several popular locations around Lake Como which are hit among adventure tourists. When it comes to adventure tourism, Dolomites & Tuscany offer the best experiences.

For those who prefer a peaceful holiday over an adventurous one, they can experience the serenity of the place to its fullest at places like Pian Del Tivano and Lanzo D’Intelvi, while also getting the chance to admire the spellbinding beauty of Italian architecture.

There are other places like Bellagio, Como, Varenna, Lenno and Cernobbio located around Lake Como that are must visit locations for tourists.

Things to do in Lake Como

While most of the tourists visit Lake Como to have a relaxing holiday and enjoy its serenity, there are many other things that visitors can do.  There are several historical villas, museums, and churches in Lake Como to visit that display the richness of Italian architecture & its history.

There are also adventure sports and recreational activities like waterskiing, rock climbing, kite surfing and trekking. Additionally, there are many cultural events in the Lake Como area during the month of November.

things to do in italy in november

Lake Como has always been known for its mesmerizing serenity and spellbinding tranquility. It is one of those places that create a permanent abode in your mind once you visit it. And a visit in November definitely has an even greater impact on visitors. Anyone who visits Lake Como certainly ponders upon the idea of owning a place. If you are looking to visit Lake Como and experience the exquisite as well as tranquil surroundings, check out these villas on rent and sale.

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