Lakeside Waterfront Villa for Sale at Laglio, Lake Como Italy

Lakeside Waterfront Villa for Sale at Laglio, Lake Como Italy

There are two words, which best define Lake Como – equanimity and poise. This place ushers in a homely feeling and makes everyone feel close to nature. That tranquil feeling quadruples once you put your foot at Luxury Lakeside Waterfront Villa Lide.

This villa available for sale is a dream home for anyone with a love for architectural finesse. It offers a perfect example of a rationalist architecture near the end of the 1930’s and early 1940’s. In 2007, the villa was partially renovated and was again completely updated in 2010-11.

Property Features:

The villa is built on a waterfront property covering over 1400 sq. m. It includes a large garage, which can accommodate up to 10 cars. The villa also has a park with ancient trees. Special care was given during renovation work to keep the architecture of the garden enriched with diverse trees, flowers, and bushes. There is also a bridge connecting the parking area to the flat roof of the villa. From there you can easily take a lift, which reaches the three lower floors as well as the garden.

Villa Lidè lake como sale

Property Location:

The property is situated in Laglio around Lake Como. The view of the property is totally open to the north. This place is also famous for its connection to Hollywood actor George Clooney.

villa lide sale como location

Other amenities

The ground floor houses a very large kitchen with a view towards a terrace and garden. There is also a laundry room as well as a spacious bathroom. The first floor has an access to the main living room as well as a large terrace, a den, the main hall, a bathroom and a private bedroom. The second floor has two double bedrooms with one bathroom and one master bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

villa lide lake como amenities

How to buy?

The villa is available for sale currently and this property has been on the radar of several potential buyers. If you are interested in this luxury lakeside waterfront villa property or want to know more, you can visit to get further information.

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