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lake Como Real Estate Agent

Property at Lake Como - Real Estate Services

Lake Como is an experience that certainly cannot be zipped past without ‘Praising’!

Now that’s something that goes without saying, the fact is vacation in Como is indeed one lifetime of a travel that goes on for years in your memories. It is at the heart of Italian romance and historical essence and reflects the character of some exclusive art crafted over the years. Lake Como is a hot spot destination that is not only visited for its attractions but for long stays as well. People from across the globe have been thronging to this slice of the beautiful planet and spending days of precious leisure at some of the most exquisite homes around in the city that are famous for their archaic aesthesis. Lake Como is also a chartbuster vacation haven for those who love shopping, adventure or unique cuisines and bistros.

A glacial lake that attracts about 2 million tourists per year while Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore draw an approximate 20,000,000 tourists throughout the year, Lake Como is definitely been a place for an exclusive vacation.

Now when you arrive, the foremost concern should be to get in touch or hire a property management company that can assist you in grabbing the best deal when it comes to Lake Como lettings. There is an array of companies that can help you with finding some real luxury rentals Lake Como. Property at Lake Como has been among the frontrunners in offering the best options for Lake Como villas and accommodations amid the most panoramic locations. We offer some great customized waterfront homes for rent, lake homes, apartments and homes with swimming pools at Lake Como.

Among some of the popular celebrities, Sir Richard Branson, Mathew Bellamy and Ronaldhino and Versace have their own villas.

The regal beauty of Lake Como cannot be defined in words and even the best of expressions fail to aptly illustrate its grandeur. The splendid vistas will certainly either draw you or make you gawk at it like an oil canvas painting framed with perfect charming graphics.

While you get absorbed into the age old historical elegance and spectacular ambience, there are many other attractions that you eye upon and drink some beauty as well. Everything about this paradise is somewhere off the beaten track. When you plan your visit your vacation at Lake Como, Property at Lake Como vows to design your accommodation in a manner that makes you come back for more.


Here are some of the services that we offer tailor made to clients spanning across the globe:

  • Property Project Management
  • Professional property valuation
  • Specialized in luxury homes for sale and for rent
  • Personalized research of luxury rentals
  • Assistance during the whole rental period (which include a welcome check-in and a check-out )
  • Organization of special tours and special events during the whole holiday
  • Seller assistance until the deed
  • Buyer pre and after sale assistance
  • Total privacy and discretion
  • Specialized lawyer assistance and custom made contracts
  • International customers references and relationships


Buying a Lake Como property can be your best real estate investment. Check villas for sale at Lake Como.

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lake Como Real Estate Agent