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lake Como Real Estate Agent

Lake Como Properties for Sale & Rent

It is right time to own a luxurious villa in Lake Como that not only promises aristocracy but also scenic landscapes, wildlife & spas.

Lake Como has inspired poets, hosted aristocrats, and witnessed prominent historic events. Today, Lake Como villas have become home to international personalities like George Clooney, Matthew Bellamy, and Richard Branson. Such distinctiveness has made Lake Como homes a luxury that everyone cannot afford.
Property at Lake Como brings you the opportunity to buy and rent Lake Como homes, waterfront villas, and modern apartments. As a team of Lake Como realtors, we undertake extensive research to find the best Lake Como villas for rent and sale. Whether you want to buy Lake Como villa as holiday hideout or investment home, we have the local expertise to;

  • Locate best Lake Como homes as per your needs
  • Undertake research, property valuation, and surveys
  • Speedup paperwork and property transfer
  • Seal the property deal in record time

Go through our listing of Lake Como villas for sale and rental to discover amazing waterfront villas, mansions, and properties.


7 Bedroom Villa for Sale

Colonial villa for sale lake como

Colonial villa in Lake Como

Description: Located in Como, Colonial villa comes with 7 bedrooms, large park and perfect lake views. This Lake Como villa for sale has historic significance and is well conserved on ground floor. It offers spacious rooms, wooden flooring, and good access to sunlight. View Property Detail

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5 Bedroom Villa for Sale

buy villa emma Italy

Villa emma Lake Como

Description: Villa Emma is a waterfront property located in a tranquil area. This Lake Como villa for sale includes small boathouse, parking space, and spacious living area. The 5-bed 3-bath property is perfect if you are looking for privacy with ample living space. View Property Detail

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6 Bedroom House for Sale

buy Villa antica como

Villa antica Lake Como

Description: Villa Antica is a modern Lake Como house available for sale at attractive price. It is a 6-bedroom property that comes with lake views, private garden and scope of expansion. Buy Villa Antica for property with good exposure to sun. Independent solution of large size a few meters from the lake in a very sunny position with.. View Property Detail

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4 Bedroom House for Sale

Luxury villa rogaro North Italy

Villa Rogaro at Lake Como

Description: Villa Rogaro is the perfect property for home buyers interested in newly built Lake Como homes. Located in Tremezzo, this Lake Como property for sale comes with 4 bedrooms, garage, swimming pool and picturesque views. The modern property brings all the modern amenities. View Property Detail

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2-Bedroom Apartment for Sale

sale Villa convento como

Villa Covento in Lake Como

Description: If you are searching luxury apartments for sale in Lake Como, this property is the best real estate deal. Located in Bellagio, these 2-bedroom waterfront apartments include swimming pool, parking area and wonderful views of nature. Waterfront apartments in ancient monastery are now available. View Property Detail

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3-bedroom Luxury Apartment for Sale

Luxury Villa moltaros

Luxury Apartment in Moltrasio Edenrock

Description: Located in Moltrasio, buy these modern luxury apartments with 3-bedroom 3-bathroom arrangement. These Lake Como apartments promise modern design & comforts. Buy Edenrock single villas for private garden, large terrace and all the comforts of modern living. View Property Detail

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3-Bedroom Property for Sale

Villa Azalee como area

Villa Azalee in Lake Como

Description: These newly built modern villas for sale are located in Menaggio. Villa Azalee offers 3-bedroom arrangement and comes with underground garage, private garden, and swimming pool. Villa Azalee also promises wonderful lake views from different rooms. View Property Detail

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5-Bedroom Property for Sale

Villa Monastero for sale lake como

Villa Monastero at Lake Como

Description: This Lake Como property for sale comes with 5-bedrooms, library, parking and flat garden terrace. Located in Torno, Villa Monastero promises breathtaking lake views and ample living space. Choose this luxury property if you want to invest in lucrative real estate. View Property Detail

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10 Bedroom Property for sale

Buy Liberty Palace lake como Italy

Liberty Palace at Lake Como

Description: This luxury Lake Como villa offers 10 bedrooms and is perfect for a big family. All the floors of Liberty Palace are connected the elevator. Located in Como and available for sale, it comes with 2 garages, beautiful garden and scope of building a swimming pool. View Property Detail

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Want to explore more Lake Como villas for sale and rentals? Have a look at our list of luxury Lake Como properties for sale. For holiday homes and villas on Lake Como shores, study the list of luxury Lake Como properties for rent.
Get in touch with Property at Lake Como for property research and price related queries.


Top 5 Villas for Rent at Lake Como

7 Bedroom Villa for Rent

Villa I Platani Lake Como

Description: Villa I Platani is one of the most prestigious waterfront 19th-century Villas on Lake Como, elegantly furnished with a blend of antique pieces and up-to-date appliances, with one of the largest lakefront parklands on the lake strewn with mature trees, such as Europe’s tallest plane tree..View Property Detail

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7 Bedroom Villa for Rent

Villa Voltiana lake Como

Description: Villa Voltiana is one of Lake Como’s the most unique and historic Luxury Villas. The Mansion, available for holiday rentals, with its 7 wide bedrooms can accommodate 14 guests. After 3 year renovation, has restored the full artful splendor of 1772, is filled with frescoes and is the subject of a novel written in .. View Property Detail

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14 Bedroom Villa for Rent

Villa Riviera

Description: Villa Riviera is one of the most prestigiuos villas on lake Como that can guest up to 14 people in its contemporary-classical chic bedrooms. View Property Detail

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Waterfront Villa for Rent

Villa La Cassinella Lake Como

Description: Villa La Cassinella is a private exclusive mansion in a secluded and discreet location reachable by boat or helicopter on the banks of Historic Lake Como offering magnificent views of the lake. The property consists of 30,000 square meters of garden area on which sits four houses, View Property Detail

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7 Bedroom Villa for Rent

Villa Sofia Bellagio Lake Como

Description: Villa Sofia is a prestigious historical villa located on the shores on Lake Como just few minutes drive from Bellagio named as “the Jewel town of Lake Como”. This villa is a wonderful base on Lake Como is the perfect place to stay, enjoy and understand just why Lake Como has the class and respect that it deserves. View Property Detail

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6 Bedrooms Villa for Rent

Villa Beccaria Lake Como

Description: Located in Sala Comacina, the luxurious villa for rent promises waterfront location, pristine gardens, and old age charm. The Lake Como property brings 6 bedrooms, and is significant from historical point of view. Rent a beautiful piece of history for your Lake Como vacation. View Property Detail

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16 Bedrooms Villa for Rent

Villa Sunshine Lake Como

Description: Located in Bellagio, the waterfront villa is perfect for family vacations and private functions. With 16 bedrooms, the Lake Como property for rent also brings spacious garage, swimming pool, boathouse, advanced security system, and other modern amenities. Rent this luxurious Lake Como villa for comfortable stay. View Property Detail

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