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Property At Lake Como is a local real estate agency that makes luxury holiday homes, villas and waterfront properties available for rent and sale. We are driven with the goal of helping global community in buying and renting luxury homes on Lake Como shores.

Property At Lake Como also maintains best property listings to help investors in searching and buying lucrative estate. Our sale and rent property listings bring the best waterfront villas and cottages in the province.

All the listings are regularly updated and bring some of the most exclusive waterfront homes & apartments. Some villas at Lake Como are not listed for discretion. Get in touch to enquiry about such properties.

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Complete Lake Como Real Estate Solutions

Property At Lake Como is a locally established real estate specialist that has business partnerships with real estate agencies in London, New York, Moscow and Lugano. Here are the property services for which we are frequently consulted by global property investors and buyers;

  • Professional Property valuation
  • Personalized research
  • Advice on legal issues, town planning and public property disputes.
  • Custom contracts
  • Management of period villa renovation projects for foreign buyers
  • Proven experience in luxury real estate brokerage

The company benefits hugely from the marketing insights of Marco Badalla, a reputed realtor at Lake Como known for managing property transfer of exclusive North Italy villas & holiday homes. Property At Lake Como works alongside experienced legal and financial professionals to give clients the best property deal.

Study complete list of property services offered by us.


Hire Best Realtor at Lake Como

By hiring Property At Lake Como for your real estate needs, you choose to work with professionals familiar with local property market. Marco Badalla will personally assist you through the whole process. He will listen to your Lake Como home requirements and offer the best deal.

Property At Lake Como has sold exclusive Lake Como villas and helped real estate investors in finding lucrative property in Lake Como for investment. Our vast experience in luxury rentals and property sales has made us a global favorite for Northern Italy estate.

In addition to real estate assistance, we also help vacationers in planning holidays by offering luxury boats and cars for hire and maintaining best hotel listings.
Join hands with experienced realtors to find, rent and buy luxury villa at Lake Como.

Discuss your property requirements with local Lake Como realtor.



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