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lake Como Real Estate Agent



Come while you taste the landscape, let your taste glands be pampered with some of the best cuisines at Lake Como. Make a lot happen and let thoughts float, be one with the nature’s symphony while you go ‘ummmm’ with great Italian food at the beloved Lake Como.


Saying it is just a haven for vacationers would certainly be belittling its precious substance, Lake Como is certainly beyond woven words of any poet or a wild canvas that randomly binds you to its core. It is one of the most magical paradises on Earth and Italy’s pride.


It was once a place that was covered with glaciers and now the most desirable place to flock to in Italy. It’s a perfect escape from the daily grind of humdrum life. Lake Como is best known for its serene and magnificent character and the pleasant temperatures that embrace it throughout the year. Amid all this glory, this destination is also well known for Lake Como restaurants. The delectable mouth watering cuisines are sure to swoon you until you melt away at every bite. Some of the best restaurants in Lake Como offer ‘risotto con pesce persico’.


A Vacation in Como is synonymous to enjoying the best cuisines and having some of the greatest memories of all times. The smell of the average kitchen dishes embellished with fresh basil, oregano, garlic, organic tomatoes, pasta, fish and cheese and then savouring them are a great delight, for reasons more than one, of course. It is only these attractions that often make visitors look for Lake Como villas for sale and own a part of the beautiful place for themselves. Most of the restaurants in Lake Como have their own traditional recipes and secrets about the way they create great food and then season them. At Lake Como, an old age tradition is to serve food with different sorts of bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A definite treat it is!



A fresh Italian kitchen will get you in tears, for good, with chopping of onions, and garlic and your nose can smell the aroma of fresh basil and oregano; the staple ingredients. There are several bars as well that can be great pick during midday and a rejuvenating factor.



Some of the many best restaurants in Lake Como are: Gatto Nero, II Glicine, Villa D’Este, Ristorante Navedano, Crotto Platani, Ristorante Sant Anna, The Island, Villa Serbelloni and the like.



Besides these:



  • Trattoria Il Glicine, Cernobbio
  • Ristorante Al Veluu, Tremezzo
  • Ristorante Navedano, Como
  • Ristorante Sant'Anna 1907, Como
  • Ristorante Gatto Nero, Cernobbio
  • Ristorante Imperialino, Moltrasio
  • Crotto Dei Platani, Brienno
  • Locanda dell'Isola Comacina
  • Locanda Sant'Anna, Argegno
  • Ristorante Golf Club Villa D'Este, Montorfano
  • Ristorante Golf Club Menaggio
  • La Locanda del Cantiere, Laglio
  • Ristorante La Vista, Varenna
  • Ristorante Vecchia Varenna, Varenna



For some great uncomplicated and delightful cuisines, you must walk through the Lake Como and push your culinary boundaries to reach to taste unpretentious authentic Italian cuisines.



Latest News

lake Como Real Estate Agent