What Makes Lake Como the Best Summer Vacation Destination in Italy

As a writer, the more you try to put the beauty of Lake Como into words, the more you fall in love with the place. The glittering surface of the lake, magnificent surrounding mountains creating a lush green setting, and the array of luxurious Italian villas that have populated the area over the course of centuries – the place simply fills you with an overwhelming awe, whether you are a frequent visitor or visiting for the first time.

Lake Como region has been a popular summer retreat for aristocrats since the Roman times; and over the centuries, the popularity of the place has only increased.

Now that the summer is right on the doorstep, it is just about the time you pack your bags & pay a visit to this magical land in Italy. To give you a start, here is what will make your summer vacations at Lake Como so special.

Awesome Weather

Awesome Weather at Lake Como

After the fresh bloom of the spring, the region is greenest during the summer. Throughout the season, the days are full of sunshine with mild heat. The maximum temperature rarely reaches around 25°C, providing an ideal atmosphere for various indoor & outdoor activities. A fair amount of rainfall also occurs throughout the summer, especially when it begins to get a bit hot. Evenings are rewarded with a balmy breeze that blows across the lake shores.

Summer Activities

Summer Activities at Lake Como

With a bright sun overhead and a pleasant atmosphere around, sightseeing in Lake Como region during summer has no match. Walking & boating tours in Bellagio & Varenna towns, cycling tour around the lake shores, popular Villas tours, cruise dinner, there is much to do here. For adventure seekers, there are also a number of water sports that continue to happen throughout the summer.

Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events at Lake Como

Summers see a good influx of tourists in the Lake Como region, which also brings various artists & exhibitions from across the Europe. While throughout the summer, every day & every street feels like a festival, some of the notable upcoming summer events (in 2017) are Festival Como Città Della Musica, Darklight: in collaboration with FIM Fierra, and Duo Luoghi Immaginari.

Luxury Villas on Rent

Lake Como Luxury Villas on Rent

The best part of vacations at Lake Como is that you are assured of a luxurious stay. The region comprises some of the best hotels in Italy including Hotel Villa d’Este, CastaDiva Resort, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, and more. Even better & more luxurious accommodation options are numerous luxury villas available for rent at Lake Como. However you choose to stay, your stay at Lake Como will be memorable.

A Safe & Sound Tourist Destination

A Safe & Sound Tourist Destination

Lake Como has inspired a noble culture since the dawn of time. Many famous poets, philosophers, and scholars have lived here, and now it has also become an attraction point for Hollywood & business celebrities. While the region’s culture itself boasts a safe & sound environment to live and visit, with time, needful safety measures have also been taken by the local authorities to ensure the safety of tourists & locals.

As a tourist, when you visit Lake Como during summer, you will find many more reasons to be here, other than the ones I have mentioned in this post. And if you have already made up your mind to come here, be sure to make arrangements beforehand, otherwise you might not be able to find the best places or get the best prices. After all, Lake Como is a very popular tourist attraction.

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