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What Makes Lake Como the Best Summer Vacation Destination in Italy

Lake Como has been a popular summer retreat for centuries. The beautiful weather, numerous cultural & artistic events, adventure activities, etc., fill this serene place with more life during the summer. And the chance to enjoy life at luxury Italian villas available for rent at Lake Como makes the summer vacation sound more alluring. Read on to know more on what Lake Como has in reserve for tourists during summers.

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Why November-December is Great Time to Visit The Lake Como Region

There is no denying the fact that Lake Como has always been one of the most sought after places by tourists. Although the weather is tourist friendly throughout the year, the month of November usually makes this place a must visit as the temperature starts to drop and opens doors for a number of adventurous activities & events. Read on to find out why November is one of the best months to visit Lake Como and which places a tourist must visit during this time.

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From Hollywood to Bollywood, Lake Como is The Hot Choice To Holiday

From Hollywood to Bollywood, Lake Como is the hot choice of stars, directors, movie producers, and many travelers all over the world. Asin is one of the Bollywood actors who love vacationing in Lake Como. Her pictures of the last trip to this one of the most romantic gateways with husband Rahul paint the love for city pretty well. Check more updates.

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Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este – History and 2016 Event Details

Pleasant weather is not the only reason why people visit Lake Como in summers. Some go to attend the prestigious event of Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The extravaganza of vintage cars and motorcycles is part of a long tradition which brings together car lovers and big automobile brands. Read on to discover the history of Concorso and get acquainted with every detail of 2016 event.

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5 Amazing Facts About Life Electric – Como’s Newest Tourist Attraction

2015 was special for Como as it became home to Life Electric, an artistic tribute to Alessandro Volta. Created by world celebrated artist and architect, Daniel Libeskind, the modern sculpture has unique facts and stories associated with it. Read on and discover the most important details of Life Electric.

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Delightful Luxury Boats & Yachts on Rent in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como has unlimited pleasant surprises for travelers but the experience of luxury yachts and boats is something you need to plan in advance. We bring you the list of most popular boats in Lake Como. Make your trip an unforgettable one by choosing the best yacht and pre-plan your stay to avoid inconvenience.

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Where to go for Adventure Vacations in Italy?

Italy is not just about electrifying peaks, soothing climate, and tempting cuisines. The land offers some more options to experience novelty and thrill. Adventure seekers can opt for several activities like biking, hiking, gliding, and trekking and water sports in various cities of Italy. Read this post to learn about those cities and the adventures associated with them.

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Travel Guide Lake Como Italy – Hotels, Villas, Vacation Places and Leisure

Vacation planning can be exhausting especially when your destination is as diverse as Lake Como. To help travelers plan Lake Como stay, local travel, things-to-do, and other essential details, Property At Lake Como has prepared this detailed travel guide. Check out the ultimate online travel resource to finalize every aspect of your Lake Como trip with ease.

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Lesser Known Tourist Spots in Lake Como Region

Lake Como is not just about Como and Bellagio. There are various other vacation gems in Lake Como region that haven’t yet caught the eye of travelers. Pian Del Tivano and Lanzo D’Intelvi are two such destinations in the Province of Como. Property At Lake Como is here to share why these two small regions deserve a spot in your Lake Como checklist.

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