Where to go for Adventure Vacations in Italy?

Italy is widely known for its exclusive architecture, rich cuisine and roman connection but that’s not all you have got to see there. Besides its affluent art and culture, the nation offers few peerless adventure destinations that you may have never seen before. Read ahead about some of the best places for adventure vacations in Italy.

Lake Como



Lake Como is primarily known for its tranquilizing nature and celebrity connections. But for adventurers it is one place where they love to explore mount climbing in the day and lie down in the comfy setting of lakeside villas at night. If you seek thrill and freshness collectively, then Lake Como shall rank on top of your list of adventure hotspots. Choosing this place for your next holiday will not only show you a place surrounded by mountains, river & forests but also give an everlasting experience of trekking and hiking amid them.


Located in the northeastern Italy the mountain range is a must-visit adventure spot. Dolomites is a perfect location for skiing if you happen to visit in winters. And, if not winters, you can go there for paragliding and hang gliding in summer. Trekking, hiking and cycling are few sports that it is best known for.




Venice is a city to explore. Being one of the most popular cities of Europe sees 20 million tourists per year. Not many of them know that the place has abundant opportunities for adventure seekers and offers lot more than art and architecture to discover. In addition to canals, lagoons, bridges, food & beer, you can choose Venice for bike tours, hiking & kayaking.


Tuscany is situated in central Italy and is fit for few exuberant sports like windsurfing, diving, ice-skating, snorkeling etc. The Toscanini vineyards could also lure you if tasting different wines is one of the adventures on your list. You can taste around 200 different wine brands produced in Tuscany.


Rome has endless museums & historical places owing to its historical connection with great Roman Empire. But that’s not all about adventure there. You can find all kind of thrilling sports including paragliding, horse-riding, rafting, go-karting to boost your adrenal health. The list of Rome excursions is long. You just have to have enough days to spend in this city to relish all.

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