Travel Guide Lake Como Italy – Hotels, Villas, Vacation Places and Leisure

Travel Guide Lake Como Italy – Hotels, Villas, Vacation Places and Leisure

Lake Como is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. The region offers breathtaking landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and endless adventure options. This is the reason why tens of thousands of tourists from all across the globe visit Lake Como every year.

To help vacationers plan an unforgettable stay in the region, Property At Lake Como brings the ultimate Lake Como guide. Read on to find answer to your every Lake Como travel query:

Best time to visit Lake Como

Lake Como is breathtaking throughout the year but travelers prefer some months and seasons over other to visit Lake Como. The rush to Lake Como starts late in April and continues throughout the summer.

While people from neighboring regions start visiting Lake Como to escape hot summers, you will find the place most crowded around July and August.

Spring and Fall are the best seasons to explore one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. The region is known for summer showers. So, better pack your raincoat if visiting in summers.

How to reach Lake Como?

After deciding your time to visit, you need to figure out how you will reach Lake Como. While there are various airports suited to Lake Como travelers, Malpensa Airport in Milan is the favored choice. Many major airlines like Delta, USAir, and British Airways offer flights to the airport.

Other airports that can be considered for Lake Como travel are:

  • Bergamo Airport
  • Milano Linate Airport

Most airports offer further transport through rail and rental car. Pick the one best suited to you and start your Lake Como journey.

Visit www.raileurope.com to make rail reservations.

If you want to reach Como by car, there are various car hire service providers available. Just make a Google search with ‘Car Rental + Airport Name’ and you will get all the options.

How to travel in Lake Como?

Once in Lake Como, you simply cannot run out of travel options. Whether you want to travel in luxury or save money by using public transportation, Lake Como will address your every need.

Firstly, let’s list some affordable public transportation options for Lake Como sightseeing:

Ferry – They say if you truly want to experience the beauty of Lake Como, then, hop on a ferry. The Lake Como ferry service is highly evolved and gives tourists as well as locales quick & easy travel option. You can travel popular Lake Como destinations like Bellagio, Varenna, Tremezzo, and Lenno through ferries.

Ferry tickets can be purchased from ticket booths. Get an idea of Lake Como ferry fare.

Bus – Bus is the simplest way to travel in Lake Como. Just like ferry, this travel option in Lake Como also offers panoramic views of nature. Lake Como bus schedule is available on all bus stops and bookings can be easily made from agents.

While C30 bus runs from Como to Bellagio, C40 covers Como and Lecco. Consider C10 to cover Como, Menaggio, and Colico.

Car – Explore Lake Como region on your own without having to worry about ferry or bus schedule. Considering there is fair competition amongst car rental firms, you can get a good deal. Run a Google search to explore the best options.

Now that we have listed the best travel options for people who are on a budget, here are some for vacationers who want a luxurious travel experience in Lake Como:

Luxury boat – If you want to add the element of exclusivity to your Lake Como trip, then, hire a luxury boat rather than traveling through ferries. Exploring Lake Como in the luxury of your own boat will make it easy to relish gorgeous sunsets and breathtaking village views.

Also there are some Lake Como restaurants that are only accessible through a motorboat. So, having a yacht at your disposal will also serve this purpose. Check luxury boats.

Luxury car – If hiring an auto or taxi for your local Lake Como transportation is beneath you, then, there are various companies that provide high-end luxury cars. Simply book your car and travel in style during your Lake Como stay. Check available cars.

Having covered both local as well as international travel, now let’s list some of the best places to stay in Lake Como region.

Top rated hotels & villas to stay around Lake Como

Like every global tourist destination, there is no dearth of hotels and resorts in Lake Como region. But not every hotel offers the best accommodation and location advantages. To help vacationers plan their stay with ease, Property At Lake Como (renowned real estate agency of Lake Como) has listed top rated hotels in Lake Como region on its website. Check Lake Como Hotel Listing

The company also offers luxury villas and houses for rent to vacationers who want to experience supreme luxury. Visit its Lake Como villas for rent listing to discover the best places to stay.

Best towns to visit in Lake Como

If Laglio has the distinction of being home to George Clooney, then, Bellagio is called the pearl of the lake for its picturesque setting. Similarly there are various other towns, comunes, and villages in Lake Como that are frequented by vacationers and travelers alike.

Below are some of the best towns, cities and destinations in Lake Como region that you must consider visiting during your stay:

Como – The city is known for its historic villas and churches. Make Como your stop if you are traveling by train and enjoy its scenic beauty.

Menaggio – If you are backpacking and looking for adventure, then, this town is a must-visit. It has the only youth hostel of Lake Como and is also known for hiking, rock climbing and windsurfing.

Tremezzo – It is a small comune frequented by tourists for experiencing the exquisite gardens and grandeur of Villa Carlotta.

Varenna – Another town known for its villas (mainly Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero)

We have already highlighted the distinguishing features of Laglio and Bellagio. Other towns worth visiting in Lake Como are Lecco and Nesso.

Most popular villas in Lake Como region

Lake Como is home to famous villas and mansions built in Roman times. Exploring Lake Como villas thus got to be one of your top priorities. However, it’s kind of obvious that you cannot visit them all. So, here are the most popular Lake Como villas that you just can’t afford to miss:

Villa del Balbianello – Located in Lenno, the luxurious villa has featured in iconic films like Casino Royale and Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Villa del Balbianello was built in 1787 and presently managed by National Trust of Italy. Read more

Villa Erba – Located in Cernobbio, the illustrious villa was built in 19th century and has a rich history associated with it. The villa is presently used an exposition and hosts prominent events. Learn more about the villa.

Villa Monastero – Located in Lecco, this Lake Como villa is known for its history, gorgeous views, and picturesque location. Visitors especially fall in love with its botanic garden and house museum. Learn more about Villa Monastero.

Villa Melzi d’Eril and Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio are other luxury villas worth visiting in Lake Como region. We also shared some villas in our ‘best Lake Como towns to visit’ section. Consider them for your visit as well.

What to do in Lake Como?

Lake Como is not just about historic villas and beautiful views. There are various other shades to Lake Como that you need to explore during your visit. Below are some points that will help you explore Lake Como and plan your travel with ease:

Sightseeing – You will literally run out of time while exploring Lake Como. If are ever got tired of magnificent views of the lake, the region has endless number of historical villas, museums, and churches. Also spare time to explore some of the towns and villages listed above.

Food – Lake Como is a wonderful place to admire the real tastes of Italy. Bellagio is full of cafes, restaurants, and bars that introduce visitors to true Italian dishes & cuisines. In case you want a unique dining experience, then, we highly recommend Restaurant Gatto Nero (frequented by George Clooney). Check out other top restaurants in Lake Como region that are part of Lake Como tourism.

Shopping – If you are fond of silk, then, Lake Como is your place! The region supplies 75% of Europe’s silk and caters to the demands of brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Besides big silk clothing brands like La Tessitura, local shops and boutiques also offer an exciting collection of clothes.

Adventure – For vacationers who crave the adrenaline rush, Lake Como has an exciting list of offerings. The lake itself opens various avenues for adventure enthusiasts. Waterskiing, rock climbing, kite surfing, and trekking are some of the options that can be explored. Lake Como travel guides will also make you familiar with other adventure options.

Leisure – Lake Como has various options for leisure seekers. There are luxury boat tours to join and exclusive villas to plan your stay. In case you want to spend your time in Lake Como perfecting your golf, then, there are various clubs at your disposal. Check out this list of golf clubs in Lake Como region.

Nightlife – Bellagio once again takes the crown! The town has various nightlife spots where you can make merry at night and have a great time. Cafes and restaurants are also buzzing with activity at night time. Music performances and cultural events will also keep you entertained during your stay.

Events & festivals – Lake Como is buzzing with activity throughout the year. There is no dearth of film festivals, musical performances and cultural events in Lake Como region. Check out the monthly event calendar of Lake Como before visiting to become part of the most exciting events.

If you are fond of skiing and want to spend a relaxing winter break, then, Lake Como can be great option.

We tried to cover all the information about Lake Como travel but if you think we missed anything, tell us through comments! We would love to consider additions to make this Lake Como travel guide more exhaustive.

Property At Lake Como is also here to help you with every question about renting or buying home in Lake Como region.

Call +39 3394817794 to discuss Lake Como real estate queries with local property experts.

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