5 Amazing Facts About Life Electric – Como’s Newest Tourist Attraction

5 Amazing Facts About Life Electric – Como’s Newest Tourist Attraction

Every artwork has some fascinating facts and stories associated to it. Life Electric in Como, Italy is no different. The contemporary sculpture completed in 2015 is being admired by vacationers as well as travelers. Property at Lake Como is here to share some amazing facts associated with Life Electric.

Read on and learn the most important details associated to this new art installation of Como:

Tribute to Alessandro Volta

The work of art acknowledges the contributions of Alessandro Volta, the physicist who invented electrical battery and paved way for many modern inventions. No wonder he was openly admired by the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein.

Developed by Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind is nothing less than a legend in the field of art and architecture. Born in 1946, he has worked on many world famous buildings and projects. Daniel Libeskind has also been chosen master plan architect for the new World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan.

Gifted to Como

Daniel Libeskind has been an admirer of Como for a long time. He chose the city as his “Summer Session” school of architecture back in 1988, and donated Life Electric to the municipality. The money for construction was contributed by Gli Amici Di Como.

Inspired from Electric Tension

Because the artwork has been dedicated to Alessandro Volta, it takes inspiration from the concept of electric tension between two poles of a battery. It also depicts the relation between 3 elements of nature (light, wind, and water).

A Structural Marvel


Life Electric in Como Italy

Life Electric is 13.75 meters tall and weighs 11,000 kg. The sculpture on which the artifact sits has to be strengthened beforehand to sustain its weight. The estimated cost of the installation was €599,926.07.

Aided by a water vapor unit, Life Electric looks like situated on a cloud. Delicate lighting adds to its charm as well. In short, Life Electric is nothing less than a design marvel.

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