5 Famed Celebrity Homes in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como attracts home buyers from all over the world but it has a special appeal for rich and famous looking for serenity & exclusivity. One of the favorite destinations of Hollywood celebrities,Lake Como is not only perfect for holiday home but also catches the fancy of real estate investors.

We bring for you 5 famed celebrity homes that take luxury to another level and have played host to people who live the big life;

1. Villa Oleandra

Owner – George Clooney
Location – Laglio, Lake Como, Italy

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The dashing 52 year old actor deserves the first spot for putting Lake Como in the limelight and giving the property market a much needed push. Some sequences of the popular film, Oceans Twelve were also filmed in this villa. In addition to that, the luxury villa also regularly entertains his girlfriends and co-stars.

Sandra Bullock and Stacy Keibler were the most recent guests!

2. Il Palagio

Owner – Sting
Location – Tuscany, Lake Como

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The lead singer of cult brand, The Police, maintains a lavish real estate property in Tuscany. The 16th century villa has swimming pool, and exotic gardens. The singer has spent large amount of money on renovations and also produces wine, olive oil and honey on the premises.

Are you planning to have a Lake Como wedding by any chance? If yes, then Sting is lending the property for rent. Here is the blog post for more details.

3. Villa La Cassinella

Owner – Sir Richard Branson
Location – Tremezzo

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The business magnate and founder of Virgin Group is said to own the luxurious waterfront villa. The property is only accessible through the lake and boasts a swimming pool, tennis court, cinema hall, and gym. In case you want to experience the luxury of this exclusive Lake Como villa, then, you can rent it through above listed website.

In case it doesn’t suit your needs, here are some more luxury villas for rent.

4 . Villa Le Fontanelle

Owner – Arkady Novikov
Location – Lombardy, Italy

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The present owner, a Russian multi-millionaire may not be a known global name but villa deserves a mention in this list because it was owned by Gianni Versace from 1977 until his murder in 1997. Originally built in 1776, the legendary fashion designer renovated the villa himself.

He also selected every item in the luxurious home on his own. If this doesn’t make the villa unique, then, we don’t know what will.

5. Studio Bellini

Ex Owner – Matthew Bellamy
Location – Moltrasio, Como, Italy

The name was given by the English singer himself and the property might presently be known by some other name. The modern Lake Como house was previously owned by famous Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini. Matthew lived in the home with his Italian girlfriend for almost five years. The album titled ‘The Resistance’ was entirely written and recorded in the home studio.

Unfortunately, the couple split and the property came in the market for sale last year. Have a look at similar luxury Lake Como villas for sale.

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This post has been created after going through above listed resources and undertaking additional research for crosschecking facts. Some details may have changed since the publishing of this blog post.

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