Villa Oleandra Laglio Lake Como

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Type of property: Villa - Mansion   Available for: Not Available
Position: Lakeside - Waterfront   Town / Area: Laglio
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In 2001, the eighteenth-century Villa Oleandra became the home of George Clooney on Lake Como.
This luxurious villa was once owned by the Heinz family as a sanctuary where they stayed for substantial periods of the year. The villa also served as the set for various scenes of the film Ocean’s Twelve. 
The master bedroom is a triumph of classic and modern elements. The interior plastering in Baroque Neapolitan style is in harmony with the four poster bed and even with the knick-knacks and objects of modern design.
A sofa with a view of the harbour and an Olympic-size bathroom completes the picture of a luxury bedroom.
The villa lies in a natural bay on the lakeshore and is adorned with a botanical garden.
The first “mandatory” stop in the villa is the cellar. Since it is not located underground it is kept at a constant temperature by a complex air conditioning system.
Laglio, the municipality of Lake Como where George Clooney’s villa is located, has naturally become one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you, like the popular American actor, are searching for a villa to purchase or rent to fulfil your dream of a holiday on Lake Como, contact Property at Lake Como to learn more about our real estate offerings.
Some of the guests of Clooney’s villa include Cindy Crawford, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Names that certainly don’t need an introduction. The American actor has been made an honorary citizen, proof of the city’s great fondness for this illustrious fellow-citizen.

The Municipality of Laglio, divided into the two towns of Laglio and Torriggia, acts as a gulf between the first and second basin of Lake Como, the narrowest body of water of the entire lake.
Laglio is an excellent starting point for walks along the lake and surrounding hills from which you can admire a panorama of rare beauty. The slopes that stand above the town are rich with vineyards, olive and laurel trees, from which medicinal laurel oil was once extracted.
Laglio, located just 12 kilometres from Como, ‘Italy’s silk capital’, has become a tourist attraction thanks to its beauty and the interest surrounding the George Clooney’s villa.