Villa Isola – Luxury Italian Property for Sale in Lake Como

Villa Isola – Luxury Italian Property for Sale in Lake Como

Features like lake views, spacious garage, and exquisite garden are usually associated with grand Lake Como villas. Villa Isola however is an Italian villa for sale that begs to differ. The property is perfect for families and investors looking for a property that promises the most in less.

Property location

This luxury property for sale in Lake Como is located in Bellagio, and offers breathtaking lake views. Villa Isola is the perfect hideaway for people interesting in homes that promise seclusion and privacy.

Villa attractions

The Italian villa for sale has a lot to offer besides charm of a countryside home with 5 bedrooms. Villa Isola promises a delightful garden to spend sunny days and warm indoors for cool nights. The lake view property offers comfortable driveway access, and its garage can easily accommodate 4 cars.

In addition to above major property attractions, Villa Isola also brings smaller treats in the form of spacious storage rooms, laundry, wine cellar, vegetable garden, and stone BBQ. But this is not it.

Scope of outdoor pool

Villa Isola is also the best deal if you are looking for Italian villas with private pools. The property comes with ready water connection and supporting walls to install the outdoor pool that suits your taste and style.

Built with highest quality materials and listed for sale with Property At Lake Como, the Italian villa is nothing less than a dream come true.

Get in touch with us to enquire about property price and other villa details.

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