Plan Your Trip to Lake Como Around These Upcoming Events

Plan Your Trip to Lake Como Around These Upcoming Events

The best time to visit Lake Como is now and if you are planning to go there or have already landed in, get ready for some exuberant events. Lake Como, located halfway between Milan and Swiss border is the center of tourist attractions and loved for everything from nature to its cuisine, wine and adventure sports. But, that’s not all awaiting you currently in Lake Como. Events that are just around the corner will make your trip more mesmerizing. Have a look below at the imminent occasions that we want you to know:

1) Festival Como Città della Musica

29 June 2016 to 17 July 2016

The event scheduled for nineteen days will unveil unlimited fun involving opera, music, dance and cinema. Go and be a part of this amazing event if you love dance, music and want to  experience it in the most fascinating site of the region.   For more information, visit http://www.teatrosocialecomo.it/festival-como-citta-della-musica-9/

Locality: Como | Region: Lombardy

Address: Via Vincenzo Bellini, 3

Phone 031270171


2) 7 ° BEER FESTIVAL biancoblu

15 July 2016 to 17 July 2016

Calling it a beer fair won’t be wrong as the event will bring across an array of beer brands. Don’t miss this one of a kind beer festival of Lombardy if you are going to stay in Lake Como during first half of July. Get more details here.

Locality: Busto Arsizio (Varese) | Region: Lombardy


3) Fire on the Water

9 July 2016 to: 19 July 2016

Image Credit: NYArts

It’s a ‘Made in Italy’  event, which will give you an unforgettable memory of Italy. You will see there various forms of  Italian creativity, including poetry, painting, theatre, fashion, and music.  The art exhibition taking place in Art Gallery will uncover painting, art photography and live performances along with good music. Get more details.

Locality: Lecco | Region: Lombardy

Where to stay in Lake Como?

Lake Como is not a very big city so if you are going to stay during peak months of tourism, which begin from April, we recommend you to play your accommodation beforehand. For a comfortable stay in Lake Como, make your bookings in advance. The city has luxurious villas, hotels, accommodations available on rent/sale. Check the following list to know about them:

Other FUN Activities

Other than attending events you have a chance to indulge in various activities in Lake Como like clubbing and boating. For making your entertainment endless, you will easily get cars on rent to commute around the best parts of city. Check the following links for all such requirements:

If you are travelling for the first time, don’t know enough about the city, need last minute assistance from the locals about anything from car/boat renting to villa/hotel accommodation, call +39 3394817794.

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