Milan Fashion Week 2016: Your Perfect Excuse to Explore Italy

Milan Fashion Week 2016: Your Perfect Excuse to Explore Italy

This week in Milan, the fashion is in the air. The long-awaited Milan Fashion Week finally opened on 24 February 2016 to bring all fashionistas to the true fashion capital of the world. The Milan Fashion Week 2016 is dedicated to the Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 collection and will unwind more than 180 collections from brands like Armani, Roberto, Cavalli, Prada, Etro, Fendi, Gucci, and many more.

For the past couple of days, the streets of Milan have turned into a constant commotion of people from across the world in beautiful dresses, flaunting their style, and rushing for fashion shows, presentations, and other fashion events.

Milan Fashion Week, which will conclude on 29 February, leaves visitors the perfect chance to explore more of Italy in the spring season. Just a couple of hours away, Lake Como, the best place to explore after your Milan Fashion Week visit awaits you. The beauty of the Lake Como unarguable and at present is blooming with the fresh blossom of the spring, simply cannot be expressed in words.

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