Why Lake Como is the first choice for Wedding, Vacations & Homes?

Why Lake Como is the first choice for Wedding, Vacations & Homes?

Lake Como is the favorite destination for those who seek beauty and bliss together. This place is popular for not just the scenic prospect but for well-rounded lifestyle. It sees both types of visitors, one who search for Lake Como properties to settle down and others who look for rent options to spend a holiday. In both cases one can gauge people’s love for Lake Como as a living destination.

Luxury Villas & Wedding Venues

Lake Como is known as one of the best places on earth to tie a knot as its natural views add splendor & elegance to a wedding. In Lake Como, you can get a variety of villas with traditional setting on rent too. Several Italian weddings take place in these amazing villas every year and most of them take place this way as buying a villa is not possible for all. These luxury homes offer elegant atmosphere to solemnize a bond as special as wedding.

Lake Como Vacation Activities

You can relish a bundle of sport and leisure activities in Lake Como like Skiing, Golf, Tennis, Watersports and more. As a tourist place, it is loved for the landscapes, wildlife and outdoor activities. No vacation here goes without windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing activities. There are countless things to do in Lake Como from sports to sightseeing. You just have to choose what enthralls your soul to have a memorable holiday.

Lake side Villas –Nature & Luxury

You can find beautiful lakeside villas in Lake Como that attract travelers from all over the world. The waterfront villas are built since Roman times and display exceptional architecture. And, the best thing is that there’s a variety in luxury homes available for rent or sale in Lake Como. You can choose a grand lakeside villa to make your nuptials opulent and unforgettable. All of them are different by interiors, size, cost, location and meet the Italian sense of style quite impeccably.

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Well-connected Transport

The ferries are the best public transport that connects all towns surrounding the lake. There are three major services (Motorship, Fast Services, Ferries) that are used by both residents and tourists to go from one place to another. It saves them from the trouble of traffic jams and fall in budget too. You can have them to make your stay more pleasurable in Lake Como.

Star Connections

It’s called the Italian paradise where world celebrities love to holiday once in a while. The list of visitors who keep coming back to this holiday destination includes famous personalities & superstars from cine world. George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra has also been the talk of town ever since he bought it. Also Madonna, Donatella Versace and Sir Richard Branson’s visits and personal properties in Lake Como prove celebrities’ love for this place and add to its popularity.

The place is worth your time & money whether you are looking to stay in Lake Como forever or want a break from routine life hassles. If you want to buy a residence here then go for professional real estate agents as buying a property involves few legalities. A local realty service can help you find right place to stay in Lake Como, whether you want it on rent, lease or purchase.

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