Ideas for Halloween 2015 Celebrations in Lake Como and Other Italian Regions

Ideas for Halloween 2015 Celebrations in Lake Como and Other Italian Regions

Halloween goes by a different name (All Saints’ Day) in Italy but rest is almost the same. People dressed in scary costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and theme parties can be found throughout Italy. Lake Como and rest of Italy can offer the same but certainly more can be done on the yearly celebration.

Property At Lake Como brings interesting ideas and tips to make your Halloween celebrations more memorable. Read on and prepare better for Halloween 2015!

Visit old mansions of Lake Como

Lake Como has no dearth of villas built centuries ago with interesting history. Villa de Vecchi is the best example of spooky villas and mansions that can set your heart racing with its stories. It could turn out to be a fun activity to visit one of them with your friends and family this Halloween.

Explore old flavors and traditions

There are many traditions of All Saints’ Eve that are rarely practiced nowadays but can be amazingly fun. Bonfires, apple bobbing, and pumpkin carving can add some memorable clicks to your album of Halloween celebrations. Tell scary stories and engage in some harmless pranks to further brighten the festivities.

Throw a Halloween party

If you had had enough of the noisy clubs, and want a private celebration this Halloween, then, don’t hesitate to throw a party! Make it special by planning activities (like the one mentioned above) and arranging traditional food (colcannon, potato pancakes, and soul cakes) rather than just booze.

Travel to Florence and Venice

Make Halloween 2015 truly special by setting off to Florence and Venice. While Florence has plenty to offer with its vineyards, ghost tours, and special cuisine, Venice has the creepy Poveglia Island. In short, Italy in full of fun if you are ready to head out.

Planning you celebrations in Lake Como region this Halloween? Make sure you don’t get too close to George Clooney’s villas. If you have forgotten, Laglio mayor Roberto Pozzi put a fine of €500 on anyone whose car or boat is parked within 100 meters of George’s villas back in April.

That said, Happy Halloween from Property At Lake Como!

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