Cascina La Torre – The Como Villa of Your Dreams is on Sale!

Lake Como region is a popular real estate destination but not every villa gets the same publicity & coverage. Only few Lake Como properties are eagerly awaited by property buyers, and set the property market buzzing. Cascina La Torre in Como is one such luxury villa for sale in Como.

Cascina La Torre

The exclusive villa is located in Como, and has quite a reputation for its distinct architecture. Read on to get personal with Cascina La Torre.

Completely renovated

Originally built at the end of XVI century, the luxurious villa has been completely renovated. The owners preserved the historic features & details of the villa to keep the old age charm. If you always wanted a castle for yourself, then, this is the Lake Como villa for you.

Designed for lavish living  

Cascina La Torre is not a single villa; it is a property that has three units that serve different purposes. The main unit includes the tower and four floors that house spacious bedrooms, well-equipped kitchen, working fireplaces, office, and much more.

The second unit is a beautiful apartment that can serve guests during social gatherings. The third unit with one living room, bedroom and kitchen can serve house staff. Even the garage can accommodate 10 cars without any difficulty.

Unique in its own way

Just 15 minutes from Como and 10 minutes from highway of Milano, Cascina La Torre is located at a quiet place that promises privacy and serenity. The Lake Como home for sale also has an antique cellar and enough empty land to accommodate your every whim.

Cascina La Torre is what home owners dream about. Check out complete details about the luxury villa for sale along with property images. Get in touch for villa and sales related inquiries.

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