9 Reasons Why Everyone Falls in Love with Lake Como, Italy

9 Reasons Why Everyone Falls in Love with Lake Como, Italy

Popular tourist hotspots are adored by travelers across the world. Some are even favored for holiday homes. But Lake Como is one of the few global travel destinations that are also popular amongst families to settle down.

So, what exactly makes people love Lake Como region so much that they visit it again &again and even want their kids to grow up there? Property At Lake Como will tell you exactly what makes Lake Como such an irresistible place:

Perfect climate

No one will think about settling at a place that is hot or covered with snow all the time. Lake Como’s weather works in its favor as it is generally mild. It means the region is neither too hot in summers nor too cold in winters.

Healing nature

Close your eyes and think about walking a road marked by trees and chirping of birds.Or taking your evening tea while watching the glorious sun disappear behind the mountains. This is the kind of nature that we can’t find everywhere nowadays. And that’s precisely the charm of Lake Como.

Away from hustle bustle

Some people outgrow living in cities that never sleep. Such people develop a penchant for places that offer the best of both worlds. Some lucky ones end up discovering Lake Como that promises escape from busy lifestyle without cutting you off completely.

Promise of privacy

Celebrities like George Clooney have holiday homes in Lake Como region, and the local authorities take every effort to make sure that they get their share of privacy. There is also no dearth of private properties in the area to cater buyers who value their privacy more than anything else.

A piece of history

Lake Como is being visited by aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times. That’s why there is no dearth of historic villas and structures in the region. The lake has also served as a source of inspiration for painters to poets. In short, the love for old and art also pulls admirers.

Italian charm and culture

Pizza is everywhere but the Italian culture is a rare sight nowadays. The villages that mark Lake Como however preserve the Italian way of living perfectly. Pay a visit, meet the locales and you will know what we are talking about.

The lake itself

There is a reason why Paul the Deacon and Mark Twain mentioned the gorgeous lake in their works. It beauty has been object of famous poems and makes vacationers extend their stay in the region. So, Lake Como in itself is worth falling in love with.


We have spoken enough about the magnificence of Lake Como and its surroundings. However, there are many other reasons why it has such a lure even for business tycoons and industrialists. Most important one is that the area is well connected with the rest of the world through multiple airports and roads.

Profitable properties

Investors love Lake Como for entirely different reasons. The local property market is quite strong, and investment in a villa can reap big profits in the long run. Plus all the above mentioned points make the region a hot home buying destination. Check out villas for sale to get an idea of real estate market in Lake Como.

Lake Como is certainly a paradise on the face of Earth for those looking for exclusive properties for sale in the lap of nature.

Want to experience the region before buying a vacation villa or investment property? Rent a villa in Lake Como and spend few days exploring the region. Call +39 3394817794 to speak with local property experts and learn more about real estate market.

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