7 Amazing Facts about Lake Como Properties/Real Estate

7 Amazing Facts about Lake Como Properties/Real Estate

They say it is incredibly difficult not to fall in love with Italy. However, once you visit the picturesque and serene Lake Como, you discover an inseparable bond, that can only be described in one sentence – “La vita è un sogno, Lago di Como è un dreamland”, which means life is a dream and Lake Como is a dreamland. Lake Como is one of the most popular destinations of Italy, with its spectacular mountain scenery, wide array to activity spots, culinary options, and plethora of tourists’ attractions.

Anyone who visits Lake Como ponders upon the idea of owning a place in this adobe. Therefore, what exactly makes Lake Como one of the most sought out places to live in Italy? Let us look at some of the most amazing fact about Lake Como Real estate:

 1. Historical Place and Properties


historical villa lake como

Italy is known for its architecture as well as design and Lake Como is no exception. The lake is known for the attractive villas that have been built there since Roman times. The overall historical touch to the place is undeniable clubbed with lakeshores having admirable gardens.

2. Lake Front and Mountain View


lake view villa como

Other than the historical architecture; it is the serene beauty of Lake Como that exceeds anyone’s exception. The emergence of the might river winding among the mountain range is just mesmerizing. The covalence of natural beauty and historical architecture is a de-facto reason why people always fall in love with this place.

3. Boat house


lake como property boat house

Lake Como, has become a popular summer destination for boating and other water based adventures. Other than that,several villas come with a boathouse. This makes up for a perfect place to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the place. Due to its remarkably blue water, living in a boathouse delivers a scenic experience.

4. Nice Neighborhood


Lake Como has been ranked as one of the world’s five best places to retire. One of the reasons behind is the friendly nature of the people living in the neighborhood. With celebrities like George Clooney having their holiday homes in Lake Como, life on Lake Como becomes as exquisite as possible.

5. Beautiful interior


lake como villa interiors

The properties in and around Lake Como are known to have Beautiful interiors. The taste of Italians is unquestionable which is evident across all the real estate properties in the region. Opulent finishing, using modern and rustic elements give a perfect blend to buildings architecture.

6. Available for sale and rent


The local real estate market of Lake Como is flourishing with several houses and Villas up for sale or rent. This offers the prospective customer an open option to either buy the property or rent as per preference. The above-mentioned points do make this place one of the hottest place to own a property.

7. Other Facilities 


lake como property facilities

The whole area of Lake Como is well connected with several airports. The Italian culture known for its homely nature, exquisite design, culinary delicacies is prominent in this region. This place is surely a paradise for anyone looking to have a place in exclusive neighborhood.

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