5 Celebrity Villas of Lake Como – Must See For Luxury Properties Buyers

5 Celebrity Villas of Lake Como – Must See For Luxury Properties Buyers

Lake Como is one of the famous Italian Lakes destinations, not far from Milan in the north of Italy. It is a highly popular tourist destination with spectacular mountain scenery, a wide array of activity spots, culinary options, and a plethora of tourists’ attractions. Another important aspect of Lake Como is its tranquility, which mesmerizes tourists at first sight. This is the reason why several celebrities have bought a villa in this heavenly abode.

1. George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra

george clooney’s villa oleandra

Actor George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra is located in the heart of Lake Como. The villa is highly popular and has even been featured in movies like Oceans 12. The lakefront villa offers some of the most unparalleled mountain views. The cream-colored villa is often described as a sleepy hamlet nestled between the lake and surrounding deep green hills.

2. Sir Richard Branson’s Villa La Cassinella

sir richard branson’s villa la cassinella

Villa la Cassinella is best known as a place of serenity, tranquility and elegance. Situated on the western shore of Lake Como, Villa la Cassinella is undoubtedly one of the pristine retreats. It has some of the most spacious, perfectly manicured gardens, a pool house with cinema, gym and the enchanting Terrace House. When we talk about comforts within the villa, it includes classic Italian design and exquisite attention to every detail. It’s a rare delight that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury.

3. Arkady Novikov’s Villa Fontanelle

arkady novikov’s villa fontanelle

Villa Fontella is a four-story villa with a swimming pool situated in a bi-familiar complex. The location of the villa is in a very calm place with a beautiful view on the Aeolian Islands. If one had to describe the villa then the perfect words would be lavish, grandiose, and imperial. It is a magnificent piece of architecture, featuring a massive and spectacular Russian crystal chandelier. The interior decoration of the villa has insanely intricate plaster adorned with immense detailing.

4. Brad Pitt’s Villa Costanza

brad pitt’s villa costanza

The villa owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a perfect retreat for the couple. Its 18,000 square feet space including 15 rooms and 7 bathrooms is decked with the most luxurious articles. The property includes 18 hectares of land, a home cinema, two swimming pools, a gym, as well as a stable and vineyard. The couple is often found roaming around the grounds of the villa that offers ample privacy and stunning scenery of the neighboring vistas. The Italian luxury is clubbed with all the modern amenities that one can think of making it nee of the most desirable places to live in Italy.

5. George Lucas’s Villa Balbianello 

george lucas’s villa balbianello

After George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra, the next most recognizable abode near Lake Como definitely is Villa Balbianello. The property belongs to George Lucas and is easily recognized due to its presence in several big Hollywood movies. The property is surrounded by terraced gardens, threaded by gravel paths clubbed with statue-lined balustrades. The villa is situated on the western shore of the southwestern arm of Lake Como.

Lake Como has been known widely as one of the world’s five best places to retire but things have changed now. Not just for vacations, retirement or events, people view Lake Como as perfect place to live forever too. The celebrity homes in this region of Italy points to the same drift and luxury properties rank on the top of this list. Although buying a luxury villa is not a cakewalk in Italy yet with assistance of a local person, you stand chance to grab the best property at best price. To know more about the luxury villas, call +39 3394817794 or send your mail to info@propertyatlakecomo.com

If you also want to become neighbors to these celebrities and own a place in this heaven, you can check out these villas on sale!

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