10 Tips for Lake Como Home Buyer – Shared by Marco Badalla

10 Tips for Lake Como Home Buyer – Shared by Marco Badalla

You decided to buy a home at the shores of world’s most romantic and beautiful lake. Now the process of looking for the property and the buying itself is about to start. But wait; it is never an easy task even if you have lots of money for it. One must consider many things before buying a home at Lake Como. Marco Badalla The owner of PALC (Property At Lake Como) shares some of the most crucial tips, which would help you home buyers make the right decision. Go through the list of tips and consider these at the time of home buying at Lake Como:

#1. Choose location and analyze its distance from important places

First of all, you need to choose the town where you want to buy your dream home. Because there are many towns along the shore of Lake Como, you will have several good options to select your home. The distance of your chosen location from important places like school, bus stop, gym, airport, railway station, hotels etc. is worth considerable as it will affect your life greatly when you shift to this location. And, if not that, it will also determine the value of your home in next few years. Properties closer to important places have a high potential of increasing value over a period of time. Moreover, it attracts more tenants to, so in case you are planning to rent out your home in near future, this is a must-check for you.


#2. Do an online research about all real estate companies and their listing

Nowadays there is a lot of information available over the internet, which will help you conduct an in-depth research about properties as well as homes available for sale and rent. For this research, you can consider website of real estate companies, property listing portals, social media, and blogs.

#3. Check property images and videos before you spend time on visiting a location

Sometimes just going through the images and videos of the property offers you an overview of what you are getting into. This is highly recommended when you are visiting the property far away from your present location. You can also compare various properties this way and streamline the property search by making a list of those that you prefer the most.

#4. Analyze the environment and locality

Although most of the areas around Lake Como offer serenity and tranquility, it is essential for you to analyze the environment and locality so that it meets your requirements. While some people like a property in a secluded area, far from the hustle-bustle of the city, others prefer their homes right among the midst of the city. There is a huge difference between both, so make your selection after a thorough analysis.

#5. Check front and back view of the home as well as surroundings

One vital point, which you should always keep in mind before buying a property, is to do a careful study of the property. You should know each aspect of the home, be it the front view, the total area around the property or the history of a property. This comes in handy when putting a price on a Lake Como property and negotiating for the best offer.

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#6. Investigate everything about the home

As discussed above, one should pay great attention and investigate every aspect of a property before making an offer. Often buyers tend to just look at the property and considering the low price on offer, they take the plunge and end up finding an excessive maintenance charge. On the contrary, an informed buyer is less likely to make a wrong purchase.

#7. Contact local real estate professional

It is always advised to opt for the services of local real estate professionals while looking for a property around Lake Como. These professionals would not only help you find the best deal, but also ensure that the buying process is as smooth as possible. Moreover, they have all the information regarding most of the properties for sale around Lake Como, easing your home buying experience.

#8. Negotiate as much as possible for the price of a property

The fact remains that buying a home involves a whole lot of money, which is why you must negotiate on the price as much as possible. Most of the times, there is a room for the price to be adjusted and you can save some money by just negotiating a bit.

#9. Don’t forget to get advice from your friends/family

There are times when you are in a soup and not able to take a decision. It’s then that your friends/family might advise you in a better way. A collective decision is any day more fruitful and is highly recommended for first-time homebuyers.

#10. Know about the process of home buying and paperwork

The home buying process involves a lot of paperwork and can often become tedious for first-time buyers. This is why you should take full cognizance of the overall process beforehand so that you do not face any hurdle along the way. From property inspection to all the documents of ownership migration, you must know each step thoroughly.

Follow these tips not just to buy property at Lake Como but also to get the best deal. All the above-mentioned tips will make owning a luxury villa in Lake Como a walk in the park. Property At Lake Como primarily focuses on and is specialized in real estate in the Lake Como area. If you are interested in buying a home near Lake Como then look at these listings or contact for your queries related to Lake Como properties.

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