Villa Troubetzkoy Blevio Lake Como

Property Details
Type of property: Villa - Mansion   Available for: Not Available
Position: Lakeside - Waterfront   Town / Area: Blevio
Living Area [sqm]: 0   Ground Area [sqm]: 0
N° Bathrooms: 0   N° Bedrooms: 0
N° Floors: 0   Price:
Floor Plan Not Available    


Villa Troubetzkoy in Blevio was built around 1850 by the Russian prince of the same name, who was married to one of the daughters of the famous ballerina Marta Taglioni. The prince immigrated to Italy after six years of forced labour in Siberia, condemned by Nicholas I for attempted insurrection.
In order to quickly eliminate the rocks found on the shores where the prince had chosen to build the villa-chalet, he ordered various landmines to be exploded, thereby earning the prince the nickname of “Turbascogli” (“Rock breaker”).
The current owners of Villa Troubetzkoy are Mr. and Mrs. Pozzi of Milan who have made considerable improvements and upgrades to the property, including an elevator.
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