Top Luxury Villas for Rent in Lenno, Como

Lenno in the Province of Como is visited by travelers for Villa Balbianello and restaurant beaches. However, the commune in the Italian region Lombardy is also favored by vacationers who prefer serenity & privacy. Such people rent luxury villas on Lake Como shores to plan their stay.

To help such vacationers, Property at Lake Como brings the list of top luxury villas for rent in Lenno, Como. Pick your favorite!

Book Villa La Cassinella


Villa La Cassinella Lake Como

The waterfront villa in Lenno is perfect for vacationers interested in a private experience. The spacious property can easily accommodate 17 people and brings various luxuries like tennis court, heated swimming pool, gym, and villa staff. The Lenno mansion is also available for photo shoots, social gatherings, and parties. View villa images

Rent Waterfront Villa I Platani


This elegant lakeside villa brings 7 bedrooms for guests and all the modern luxuries required for a comfortable stay. The Lenno villa for rent also includes a boathouse, antique furniture, exquisite garden, gourmet kitchen, and well furnished kitchen. Get complete villa details

Rent Villa Luce in Lenno


Like its other Lenno counterparts, this property also raises the bar of exclusivity and luxury. All the floors of the 9-bedroom villa are connected with lift and offers garage parking for 6 cars, heated pool, film library, and modern security system. The villa owners also provide special services like sailing lessons and boat tours to guests. View villa details

If you are in love with the beauty of Lake Como, and want to buy waterfront villa in the region, then, here is a post listing most exclusive villas for sale in Como.

Property at Lake Como is the local real estate agency that specializes in rental & sale villas in Lake Como. Call +39 3394817794 to discuss your Lake Como property needs.

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