Property of the Week – Lakefront Villa Ripiego del Sole for Sale

Christened in the lap of luxury and serenity, an abode that entrances the homely feeling as you lay foot in it, Villa Ripiego del Sole, is the latest Italian villa listed for sale in the Lake Como region. This historical property offers just the perfect pod with a wide array of amenities. Let us learn more about Villa Ripiego del Sole and find out what makes it so special.


The waterfront villa is located on the western shore of the southwestern branch of Lake Como in Laglio Town. This villa is also near to the famous Villa owned by George Clooney. The area around the villa is peaceful and calm offering much needed serenity to the villa owners. The lakeside villa also offers immaculate views of the lake Como.

Villa Ripiego in Carate Lake Como


The historical property with a boathouse and a private pool located on the lakeshore of Lake Como is spread over 1000 sq. m. The villa has a unique spark to it, thanks to its unconventional shape, which makes it an eye catcher. The living area of the villa is spread across 550 sq.m.

Villa Ripiego in Carate Lake Como


The villa has four floors. There are six bedrooms with all the creature comforts as well as five bathrooms. The villa is ideal for a medium to large family and houses several amenities. The architecture of the villa is highly appraisable and ushers in Italian luxury. Each room perfectly mixes Italian luxury with modern comfort.

Villa Ripiego in Carate Lake Como

Other Amenities

There are not enough words to describe all the luxuries and amenities offered in this place. Along with a comfortable car access, with triple garage and spare private car parks, the Villa also has an outside pool and enough space for evening strolls. It also boasts a unique soul thanks to its unconventional shape. Add to that the charming atmosphere and excellent sun exposure, Villa Ripiego del Sole instantaneously becomes one of the most sought after homes in Lake Como.

If you are interested in this property or want to know more, you can visit this page to get further information.


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